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    spark plug color/texture

    I lost my cable to upload pictures but i plan to go riding this weekend so i pulled my ski out of the garage, changed the plugs put new ones in and started it up on the hose for a little bit. Their was a constant white smoke which seems to me to be normal for the first time this season. But my concern is is the plugs i pulled out were very dark brown almost black and pitted with grit built up around the outside. after i turned my ski off i looked at the new plugs i put in and they were the normal brown color but they had specs of water on them. i then looked through the spark plug hole intot he cylinder and could see beads of water on the piston. other then that they were the brown that im used to. when i winterized it i put fuel stabilizer in the tank, ran it for bout 5 minutes on the trailer then flushed out the cooling system with antifreeze and stored it for the winter. i had good intentions on fogging the cylinders but never did it. I am thinking that my problem is condensation built up inside the cylinders and corroded the plugs i kept in their all winter because their was water on my new plugs.

    does this sound right? nothign else is pitted or black except the old spark plugs. if it is condensation will it work its way out when i ride?thanks.

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    We really need to see some pics to help you. However, my first thought is that you're running very rich. It's not condensation and if you had a water leak, the plug would be very clean.

    Are you running an aftermarket EFI controller? Hopefully, some EFI experts can tell you what your settings should be. You could also talk to Carl at Island.
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