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    #1 and #3 Piston damage Hoping you guys can help me figure out what went wrong

    Its a 2003 GP1300r Around 70 hours on it.

    Noticed the numbers on the JUGS are not all the same. Possible that this motor was rebuilt at some time?
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    Was doing about 50 3/4 throttle when the engine just died. Upon restart dash stated Low Voltage.

    I am able to move the pistons by hand without much force.

    #1 has little to no play. #2 has no play and #3 has a lot of side to side play.

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    Hello monello96, welcome to the Hulk. From the pics you post it is hard to determine what the real damage is. In close up the #3 head shows the crap that has been banging when the piston reaches top. You will need to remove cyls and inspect. Do you have CAT removed ?

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    It looks like that bad cylinder was running a little lean and heating up enough to have the top of the piston start to break off pieces at the outside edges. I believe that is the top piston ring showing in places. Those pieces of piston then beat the heck out of the head. Hard to tell from the picture but it doesn't look like you had a water jacket to cylinder leak.

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    Those appear to be sleeved cylinders not the factory nicasil, so that is either a SBT motor/top end or it has been rebuilt by another "budget" supplier. The damage on tops of the pistons is from debris banging around in the combustion chambers. The debris is most likely pieces of piston ring, but could also be crank bearing material. You should really tear the whole engine apart and look at the cylinders and crank for damage. Also the copper coat on the head gasket to me means its been "patched" up once before, probably after the rebuilt long block was installed.

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    Installed the D plate 3 months ago. Noticed that the waverunner has a Riva EFI controller on it.

    I had a feeling it was a rebuilt motor when I noticed that the top of the head did not have the serial number of the motor on it.

    Will be pulling the motor tonight and posting some pics the next few days.

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    That looks like needle bearing marks. I'm guessing a wrist pin ate a bearing...maybe

    I got new plated cylinders from USChrome, they were fast and reasonable.

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    Looked into this after your guys mentioned it looks rebuilt. Sure enough I found the SBT sticker on the side of it.

    Need to contact the person I bought it from and see when they installed this motor.
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    Also when moving the PV lever, should all of the PV's move up and down at the same time? Only the front valve moves, the rest do not move when moving the PV lever. They do move in and out by hand with very little force.

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