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    RIVA 250X Power Filter and Bypass kits now available

    Available for immediate shipping.

    Don't forget the greenhulk coupon code for the discount

    Pro Series Power Filter Kit

    Bypass kit

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    That is a nice looking system.

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    Crank case venting

    What are the advantages of venting the crankcase vent vs. blocking it off?

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    new air

    is there any room left in the glove box with this? I would still like a little storage there, but I do love performance!!!!

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    The bov vents are a bad idea. RIVA or not, not returning the lines to the air intake is going to cause the motor to stack. It sounds good, removing the hot air, but that air is partially compressed and is less lag on the motor.
    The vent for the catch can propably isn't a great idea either, for the fact that the excess oil helps lubricate the sc blades keeping them from corroding. If I'm looking at this wrong, please let me know. I am learning like the rest of you and there are so many opinions, that its hard to choose the right one.
    I had it all vented like RIVA until I talked to a few guys that deal with high performance import cars, and that was their outlook on it. Not to say this is right or wrong, but riva needs to give a more detailed theory on why this is better performance.

    The only other crab about the air intake is the fact that it disqualifies a guy for the stock class.

    On the good side, it looks very impressive and I'm sure it gives some performance. My .02

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    $400?!!! Ouch! So much for cheap mods.

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    The supercharger rotors are coated with a rubber material.

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    is there a comparison to stock so you can see if there is any performance gain

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    This one is Stock Legal and only 239.95
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