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    250x vs RXT Shootout

    I received the May issue of Personal Watercraft Illustrated today. It features a shootout between the Ultra and the RXT. Let me start off by saying that the Ultra won in all catagories except for smooth water handling, which went to the Sea-doo. The Ultra won these catagories: speed, rough water handling, ergonomics, towing and styling. As usual the mag report had mistakes and some holes in it.

    I have operated both these boats, and I don't think the SD had any reason to win the smooth water catagory. It was reported to be more nimble especially at slow speeds. They thought Kawi could have quickened up the steering a little more. It is my opinion that the SD tends to hunt at slower speeds in calm water. It rocks back and forth between the chines not knowing which side to stay on. The Ultra rides straight and true under most all conditions. I agree with the editors in that the RXT has the more comfortable seat and better gauge placement.

    In the speed graph the Ultra reaches 0-60 in 5.73 sec. It takes the RXT 7.39 sec. The top speed of the Ultra is listed at 66.86 mph under the graph, while they say in the text that the speed is "a whopping 68 mph". Makes you wonder when the same writer can't even agree with himself !
    The RXT's top speed is 65.51 mph.

    The photo of the Ultras front storage compartment was taken with the tray insert installed. It made the storage look extremely cramped and uninformed potential buyers will not realize that it has way more room than the RXT, or any other ski for that matter.

    Every PWC Illustrated shoot out features a fuel consumption graph...except this one. It would have been interesting to compare the two boats in this regard. I think the RXT would have won with better fuel mileage.

    As usual, the mag writers thread lightly and don't want to dwell on any negatives for fear of loosing a companies advertising dollars !


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    Nice recap, I hope mine is there when I get home.

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    Richard! Come on! I need to look forward on reading this when it comes in the mail! Just Kidding, the Ultra is going to get better and lets hope it get a little better on gas for long rides!

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    I think if I could get more air flow into the hull ,use motorcycle synthetic oil, fill all the gap under the hull, install the wedge ring, flow exhaust. This baby will soon hit beyon 70. After all this Ultra IMO cheap mod compare to RXT to get up to 70. I had own RXP , RXT . They are nothing compare to this Ultra acceptl the gel coat paint job, the gauge, but under the hull no art work. I feel itchy after sometime doing modified due to their cheap fiber glass work. Also the supercharge if something go wrong, either washer or bearing they will ruin the engine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by way2fast View Post
    I think the RXT would have won with better fuel mileage. Richard
    Agreed on the fuel, according to some of the Ultra owners I have been talking to, that's an understatement. The 0-60 time seems high for the RXT, but who knows... I'm gonna test that myself if the sun ever comes out in Florida again.

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    At AFWOT on stock boats the Ultra gets almost 3 mph, the rxt almost 5 mpg. Putting / idling around someone else is going to have to answer for that.

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