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    dennis leary's merry fuckin christmas

    this is for those of you that missed dennis leary's special last night on comedy central. dennis leary is one of my favorite comedians of all time, if havent seen "no cure for cancer" you should deffinatly go pick it up. heres the nyquill part of no cure for cancer.

    "i love NyQuill, i love it, its the best shit ever invented. i love the name alone, capital N, small y, big fuckin Q. i love that fuckin Q, dont you? what a great advertising idea, put a huge fuckin Q on the box. theyll get high and stare at it, the Q is talkin to me, the Q is talkin to me. i love NyQuill....NyQuill is the secret for you 12 step recovery program people. Its the 13th fuckin step. you can drink it, its over the counter, drink as much as you want. are you drunk? no, i have a cold. same cold ive had for 2 years, i just cant seem to shake it. i'm high as a kite and my teeth are green, merry fuckin christmas."

    i uploaded his newest song..its hilarious.
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    Omg, he is hilarious. Just simply out of this world on his rants... gotta love that CD, I bought it for my father last christmas.

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