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    Dang I was hoping to find some people close to Augusta in this thread. Nobody plays at Clark's hill?

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    Aug 2017
    North GA
    Blairsville GA here, I rode today, 100% chance of rain tomorrow , Lake Nottley, Blueridge Lake GA and Hiawasse Lake in NC are all within 10 miles of me, if anyone can ever get up this way let me no, I'm game, I usually ride Nottley

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    We need to figure out a place and a rough date for a meet, with the guys and girls from Georgia.

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    Is this alive? I'm on Allatoona.

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    Hey guys. Is this thread still active? I just bought my first PWC a few months back to ride at our lake house with the kiddos. But after seeing a few videos on YouTube, I'd love to plan an adventure ride somewhere. I live in Woodstock near Atlanta, and our lake house is on Jackson Lake. Hit me up!

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    It's been a long time since I visited. And I know it's late in the season. I mostly ride at Allatoona.
    Let's plan on some rides in 2019. I like to visit neighboring lakes in GA, AL, FL, etc

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    Dalton, Ga.
    Left Dalton,Ga Wednesday 12/26/18
    Drove to Daytona,Fl pulling 2 FX waverunners
    Launched at a public ramp out into the ocean in Daytona Thursday morning and rode out and around Daytona beach all day Thur 12/27 the weather was mid 70s and the wind was whipping at 15mph and the waves were HUGE!
    Had a great time.

    Drove down the coastline to Fort Lauderdale on Friday 12/28 spent the night.

    Launched Sat 12/29 at a public ramp out into the ocean again..whether was mid 80s and sun was wind. so ocean was slow rolling and waves were fun but more mild..
    Rode WAY out in to ocean and rode down the coastline towards Miami..Returning to Fort Lauderdale just as sunset and it was a great day!! (Got sunburned)

    Headed back to Georgia Saturday 12/30 morning and got home late last night.

    Had a great time..Jetsking next to dolphins and manatee and iguana crawling across on the beach as well as collecting shells as souvenirs and even finding a coconut floating out in the ocean.
    It was a trip on my jetski I will never forget.
    It was a trip with very little planning or reservations and all just seemed to workout, found hotelrooms from just calling around once we arrived and public ramps from just asking locals at the marinas or hotels..
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    Hey Folks,

    I know its the middle of winter here in GA.
    But I would love to link up with fellow enthusiasts.

    Posting this early in the year hoping to attract interest in the forum.
    I'll keep an eye on the thread!!

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    yeah. warm enough to ride last weekend. 25 this week.

    I'm in middle GA, my home lake is Sinclair. Don't ride Oconee much.

    I really want to do the Augusta locks to Savannah ride.

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    im in warner robins , and defiantly down to ride on the weekends just pm .i have plenty of wet suits

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