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    problem running 1200viragetxi

    I have two virage1200txi and recently started having trouble with both of them. One I beleive is fuel related . You have to keep the starter button pushed and the throttle wide open for a extended period to get it running. After you stop sometimes it starts normal and sometimes you have to go through the same process. I have run techron through it but it seems not to help much. Only 34hrson this one. The other one is not as bad with the starting. Just put new battery in both (odessy). The other one will run about twenty min. and then it loses power as if no electrial power. This ski is in the shop and they said that the chargeing system is working. They said that they did not find nothing wrong with the ski. I told them to try it out but take someone to tow them back. Just in the last time out both skis had a lot of oil in the bilges that they never had before. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the lengthy post

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    tell them to try a tps on one see if gets better

    later cd

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    Hi 28, WELCOME to the Green Hulk Forums!!!
    What was the fuel pressure they came up with on both craft?
    Ask them to perform the TPS wiggle test.

    You say the second one loses power? As in it slows down or completely shuts off?

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