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    rxp running warm

    has anyone ever had the problem with the exaust manifold gettin really hot. had this problem yesterday where the exaust manifold was getting really hot. was losing top end speed and rpm. has the lines to the manifold ever get stoped up preventing water flow.

    thanks in advance

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    is your waterbox removed?

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    no its back in . i must have some debris in the line.

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    when i had my ski down at RIVA, there were other ski's there that had problems from overheating... was told that sand can get up in the interooler lines restricting waterflow.. so yep.. probably have stuff in them... clean em out and u should be good to go... which reminds me.. i need to get an inline filter put in.. probably a good idea for u to do too... there's a topic about the filter on here somewhere ....

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    probably not a bad idea if u ride in a very dirty debris filled or grassy vegetation type of waterways.... get in the habit of cleaning out a little filter after each ride. If sometin does clog up the intercooler, i wonder how easy it is to dis-lodge the debris from within the water lines

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    I always wonder if the intercool would get clogged up.Does back flusing clean it good enuff.

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    thanks fellas i kind of figured that it has some crap in the hose.

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    My RXP overheated last weekend, I started loosing coolant through the overflow line, changed my RR Thermostat and still overheating, in the end it was the Pressure cap on the tank.

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