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    Driving While Stupid: Text Messaging Teen Kills Cyclist

    This is just pure crazy!

    HIGHLANDS RANCH, Colo. (AP) -- A 17-year-old likely will face misdemeanor charges after allegedly losing control of his car while text messaging and hitting a bicyclist.

    The bicyclist, Jim R. Price of Highlands Ranch, died Friday, two days after the accident.

    "We do not believe it was an intentional act, but it was inattentiveness to the roadway," said Lt. Alan Stanton, spokesman for Douglas County Sheriff's Office.

    "The investigation showed that he was text-messaging on his cell phone" at the time of the accident, said Stanton.

    The driver could face a charge of careless driving resulting in death, Stanton said. Under Colorado law, the teen could face up to a year in prison.

    It was the second time Price, an avid cyclist, had been hit by car. He suffered a broken ankle two years ago when he was hit while riding on a bike path. His wife, Shirley, said he had been especially mindful of cars since then.

    Shirley Price wasn't angry with the teen. "I feel sorry for the teenager," she said. "It was a stupid mistake," she told the Rocky Mountain News.

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    Accidents like this aren't uncommon, plain stupidity being the cause and this time with tragic results. In 2000 a survey was published with some good statistics about driving and cell phone use. Remarkably, the odds of having/causing an accident while talking on your handheld phone weren't that high. But....when dialing on your cell while driving, you were four hundred times more likely to have/cause an accident.


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    What, some dumb kid kills a very important person in my life I would be furious and asking for the death penalty. 1 year in prison? Text messaging while driving? It's one thing to talk on a cell phone but text messaging that takes awhile.

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    My wife tries to text and drive and I have to yell at her all the time. She swerves all over the place. Im surpised she hasnt been pulled over for drinking and driving, or just plain had an accident.

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