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    14 fzr slight oil leak

    I have an oil leak at the front of the motor. It's small, on top of the supercharger, on the supercharger, on gas tank, on the intercooler bracket, it isn't a lot but it is there. I'm not sure if it is spraying out or what, I can't see it leaking anywhere. Here's a list of the modifications
    r2 program
    r&d air intake riven delete
    R&d cooling kit
    fizzle intercooler
    any ideas where the oil leak could be coming from?


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    There's a small screw on top of the supercharger that is for priming the shaft with oil, check there. Then check the metal pipe that supplies the supercharger. Its goes from the front left side of the engine (kind of hidden almost tucked up under the exhaust manifold) to the top of the charger. Also check the Timing chain tensioner pipe on the right hand side of the engine, just ahead of the intake manifold. Lastly, make sure the breather hoses on the valve cover and intake aren't loose.

    Go to the OEM parts store and look through there to get an idea of where everything you s laid out on the engine.

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