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    Groco intercooler strainer on a Speedster 150

    It is true, once you have one of these, you will be quite surprised what it prevents the intercooler from swallowing, after just an hour's ride.

    Maybe the skis can install this inline without necessarily mounting it, but to me, the following seems to be the only logical option to installing it in a boat. With the intercooler hose running the length of the engine bay at the bottom, you wouldn't want to just cut the hose and install it inline, because it would surely bounce around and not stay upright as needed (and be unnecessarily hard to get to, you don't want to have to climb in a hot engine bay after every ride, do you?). Needless to say, but I'll say it anyway, you've got to be out of the water to install this.

    1) The strainer comes with a mounting plate, but you're going to need a couple of small bolts to fasten it. You are also going to need four feet of 3/4" heater hose from an auto parts store.
    2) Using the mounting plate as a guide, drill your holes and bolt the plate to your mounting position.
    3) Place the strainer into the mounting plate and install the black hose fittings (I used blue loctite) to secure the strainer in place. Be aware that the arrow should point to the hose that will be going to the intercooler, though some have installed it backwards to see the particle collections better, but that's another subject). When installing the fittings, I put the straight one on the side going to the pump, and the "L" fitting going to the intercooler, but it doesn't matter, just depends on your hose routing.
    4) The intercooler is on the front of the engine (opposite of the supercharger). There are two hoses coming out of the intercooler in almost a "Y" configuration. Disconnect the one facing downward (you should be able to follow that back to confirm that it originates from the jetpump in the back of the boat).
    5) Cut the plastic ties holding the hose to the floor, and connect the hose to the strainer; secure with a steel fastener band.
    6) Connect your new heater hose to the intercooler, secure with a steel fastener band.
    7) Route the new intercooler hose to the strainer. Cut off any extra hose to the right amount. You don't want too much more than there has to be, but make it laxed enough where no corners could impede the flow. Secure with a steel fastener band.
    Perform a standard flush, just to ensure there are no leaks before you get out on the water.
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