wish i was on my ski but i needed 2 check out my boat, i bought her new & ever since i had her the depth gauge would act after a hr in the water, i've had this boat 11 mounths & 7 of them been in the shop twice at the 1st shop they couldnt fix it a month at the gelcoater, 4 month at this last one, took her out 4 2 hrs sat & it work pretty good 68 mph on 6-12 of chop the depth went out but came back on when i drop the speed so i'm happy with the depth finder now but here's the catch the bunks were full of sand 2 big long scraches about 2-3'' wide i'm sure they go futher back but i'm going th haft 2 lift the boat off the trailer 1st 2 c, the captians seat was broke & now i found stress crack in the inner liner gelcoat back 2 the gelcoater again, before the boat went 2 the last shop she just came out the gelcoater haveing all the factor defect fix so we know they wern't there but when ask about it of course they deny it, i would give there names but 1st i need 2 talk 2 baja customer service they've been good 2 deal with but all of the dealers they've sent me 2 done more damage than they've fix, so if u been screw by a jet ski dealer don't feel bad, boat dealers will screw u just as bad