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    Happy Easter, Happy Holiday!

    We are wishing all of You and Your Familes Happy Easter, Happy Holiday!...PR...

    now I have to find Dr Len`s easter egg

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    Thanks PR, You too!

    My kids are in to there baskets already.


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    Happy Easter,it not a good day for a Easter egg hunt here,wet and cold in the South.

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    Yeah, I got the holiday church goer evil eye look today when I sat down on the pews. People staring at you like they never seen you before! I guess I need to go more often! Happy Easter PR.!

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    happy easter everyone

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    Hey PR No Egg No nothin You Bastard

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr Len View Post
    Hey PR No Egg No nothin You Bastard
    I`m still sitting on it Lenny , keeping it nice and warm for ya! ...PR...

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