I have become a partner in a small tooling shop. I have some ideas that have been passed to me and we are working on them now. If ANY One has Ideas of proformance parts that need made. We are looking for projects now. All the owners of this shop are working full time jobs and we are looking for low production parts that people want.
I would like to know if anyone has the CAD DATA of a R&D double bar intake Grate? we are working with a company that does Titanium casting, if I could get the CAD data it would be easy to get it quoted.
We have a CAD person working FOR us, but I thought I would ask before having to pay him for the lay out.

any Ideas are very private and will be kept that way if that is your wish. If you just want to brainstorm.... let's get it on. Thanks for your time. Tony..... feel free to PM me.