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Thread: bar extensions

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    bar extensions

    Where can I get handle bar extensions ? What kind do I get for an 06 RXP ?


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    right here in the online store:
    Riva throttle conversion...PR...

    or see if anyone has any lying around in the classified section...

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    Thank You

    Oh, I seen that in your store but I didn't know it was all in one, I thought the bar extensions were a seperate unit. Click Click, add to cart. Im making an order now its about 2K worth of stuff with this unit also. Im going to split the cost over 2 cards. Look out for my order Alarmservice215@aol. I gotta get my SC down to you also, I may start taking it off this week.

    PS Thanks for the info on Israel, he sent me the intercooler before the ink could dry on the check I was writing. lol

    Thanks again,


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