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    first ride of the season...

    well good and bad i guess. nothing leaked/sank, everything that I did was done properly and functioned as it should, the one thing i sent to someone else to fix came back all phucked up, so that goes to show carefull who you trust.

    mods that we done over the winter:
    thru hull
    shorty waterbox with cusotm piping
    rear air intake
    flow rites
    boost gauge
    catch can
    exhaust bypass
    bunch of cosmetic stuff..paint, mats..ect
    sc upgrade
    skat 3 blade 14/19 old style hub not the newer hub
    RE block offs
    skegs (corrected from last season)

    and im sure other stuff i forgot. well warmed it up then started to cruise around. it felt sluggish, came back to the dock, had a look inside the hull, all seemed fine. went back out, noticed i was barely pushing 5lbs of boost on an rr imp and rear air intake. i was turning 7850-7900 rpms and im missing 4-5lbs of boost . wonder what its gonna do when the sc issue is worked out.

    exhaust is loud. sounds wicked, but if you want to talk to someone while its running, you can forget it. its SO easy pullin the sc with this shorty box.
    rear intake sounds pretty wicked, its also loud.
    the exhaust bypass is nice, knowing i have water flow through the system and nothing is going to boil or overheat, plus it looks cool
    no more bucking, for the 30 seconds i spent at wot. i turned around and rode full throttle through my own wake. i used to have to feather it to stay hooked but not anymore. i kept it pinned and never came unhooked. very nice! just overall better handling.

    i was only out for a few minutes so only had a chance to make a few observations to share. but i should be back on the water in 2 weeks with the sc issue resolved.

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    new kits out

    You should check out the new Hydromatic holeshot kits. Holy *@$# do those kick ass. There's nothing on the market that compares. I have one and you can tell a night to day differnce!

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    for a GPR or for an RXP?

    what, are you the ebay seller trying to sell them and market them?

    do you have an RXP? have you tested the effects of more and less water injection into the 4-tec waterboxes?

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