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    Project 99 SLX 1200: Death Carnage, and an un-fitting end.

    First, let me say I'm sorry for not keeping in touch for a while. My field schedule keeps me out of town a lot.

    Now, the short version:.......

    First vacation in 1-1/2 years
    New 1200 engine
    99 SLX picked up from northern Alabama
    1 year fighting a POS SBT engine (1050cc)
    3 days of my vacation, making sure everything was perfect
    2 days breaking in the new 1200
    (As a side note, it was an arm ripper. Could not have been more perfect)

    and some idiot on a 2006 Honda turbo, with no seat time............

    I am beside myself........
    Under water (brackish) for one hour, no flywheel puller to save the crank, and everything started to rust before I even got the cylinders off.

    Edit 5/02: I ain't givin up yet.
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    The operator of the Honda was Life-Flighted to Herman Hospital with a possible broken hip.
    The operator of my SLX was (luckily) only bruised and startled, but otherwise, OK.

    I'm heart-broken, and drowning my sorrows in 10 year-old Ardbeg Scotch.

    The honda suffered a missing hood and minor structual damage. Gieco will have my wrath in the morning...........


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    Dell, this is sad indeed!!!
    I've watched you go from ski to ski until you finally had what you wanted. What a sad end to a lot of hard work and effort. I hope you still come by from time to time and say hello!!

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    WTF Who hit who? That is some nasty damage. Sorry about your misfortune. Keep us posted on the outcome.

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    What a shame Del. So sorry to see and hear about that!!!

    Hope every thing pans out for ya, whatever path you choose!!!

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    This just in.......

    The operator of the Honda is fine. He suffered only a badly bruised hip, and a sore ego.

    The owner called and will be getting me the insurance info shortly.

    Now, the damage to the Project boat:
    The hull is a total loss
    Ruptured fuel cell and oil tank
    Engine will need a rebuild, but no hydro-lock damage
    Pump nozzle destroyed
    Ride plate destroyed

    After the insurance cuts me a check, I'll get started on the reaining ski. And then.......
    Well, I'm still leaning towards getting rid of it.

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    Sorry to hear about this.

    Why did the guy hit your ski? Just not paying attention?

    Glad to see no one got seriously hurt.

    Best of luck with the other ski!!

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    I really hate to hear this. Just glad you and the other guy is OK.

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    Very. very sorry to hear. By any chance will you be getting another ski???

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    Thanks guys,
    The two operators are siblings in there 30's. My operator is exerienced, but her brother, on the Honda, failed to read the boaters safety handbook. Particularly, the part about the 50ft rule.
    No one saw the accident. But judging from the damage, he attempted to 'splash' my ski, and failed to turn in time.

    The good news is, the crank is salvageable.
    First, thank God for break-in oil. The crank was well lubed.
    We got the flywheel off, split the cases, and all but put the crank under a microscope. Not a smidgen of rust anywhere.

    As for rebuilding, it depends on what Gieco offers as a settlement for the totaled ski. I'm at the end of my whits here. I hate to waste a lot of time and hard work, but frustrated enough by all the set-backs to finally give up.

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