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    Oregon State Marine Board received a petition to ban personal watercraft Salmon River

    Recently, the Oregon State Marine Board received a petition to ban personal watercraft access on the Salmon River just north of Lincoln City, Oregon. The request, submitted by a pack of environmental groups, uses the same old worn out false claims that your public access to your public waterways is somehow detrimental to the ecosystem. They even attempt to use a 25 year old discredited study comparing the python infested swamps of south Florida to costal Oregon.
    Every issue these fringe groups bring up is already well covered under Oregon law, but it’s never enough for them. They are seeking to ban PWC, and only PWC, from a publically funded boat ramp at the mouth of the river, as well as the river itself, thus access to the ocean.
    You may never ride the Salmon. However, if we don’t stand up to these anti-access extremists now, they will continue to push for ban after ban, until your freedom of public access is extinguished.
    Now is the time to get involved. If possible, please attend the public meeting being held on September 9th in Lincoln City. You may also submit written comments to the board, regardless of where you live. We urge you to make your voice heard on this issue. Then spread the word to friends, family, and fellow riders.
    When we stand together, we win. When we stay silent, we lose access, and it never comes back.Please, get involved today. Tomorrow, it may be your riding area under attack.
    The meeting is being held September 9th, 2014, at the Lincoln City Community Center Meeting Room. 2150 NE Oar Place, Lincoln City, OR 97367 at 7 pm.
    You may view an electronic copy of the entire petition online at:
    You may also submit written comments via email or by U.S. mail to June LeTarte, Rules Coordinator, 435 Commercial Street NE, Suite 400, P.O. Box 14145, Salem, OR 97309-5056. Comments via telephone will not be accepted. Your comments are due by the September 30th, 2014.
    It doesn’t matter where you live. Every comment is counted and reviewed. Please take just five minutes of your time, and stand up for the freedom of access. Make sure you spread the word to others. We will keep you up to date on this issue.

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    Thanks for posting Mike !!!

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    Its the same about thing the Corps of Engineers attempted here last year to restrict access to all water craft below the Dams on the Cumberland River Chain here in Kentucky and Tennessee......I will write a letter...please keep us posted, they are trying to take OUR Rights away one at a time....

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    I will post a comment; we've been fighting the resurgence of PWC ban in a National Park here in the GoM. As we all know, PWCs were banned years ago and the NPS revisited the issue to ultimately find that PWC are not the environmental issue they're made out to be. Research will get you lots of ammo, but you have to do the research - having the Fed (NPS) on your side is pretty big ammo.

    It will take me a few days to take care of this but it will be done... thanks for posting up, Mike.

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