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    Smile SW missouri rider needs help with ski shipping

    I was referred hear by John Carter from Unishippers. I am looking at possible purchase of 01 GP1200r in La Jolla Ca. I need help getting it crated and delivered to Yellow freight terminal to ship to me. John gave me shipping cost but seller is not willing to crate ski and deliver to terminal. He will deliver to terminal but not crate it,which I can totally understand. I was looking for someone to help me out. If I could get someone to help I will try to purchase ski, I have not purchased it yet. I would pay someone to do this for me. I will need to know by this Saturday evening the 7th. Thanks. If no one can help thats ok I understand.

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    mcar welcome to the hulk.
    Try posting in the Southwest Rides section.

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    so basically, you need someone to crate it up for you??? and deliver it to the terminal???

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    help shipping ski from Cali to Mo

    Yes that is correct. Get it from seller crate it and drop it off at the yellow freight terminal in San diego.CA.

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    its easy i just did it this weekend go to a yamaha dealer and get a crate there made of steel put the ski in it and be done it took me 2 1/2 hrs to pick up the crate and crate the ski ski is leaving monday for texas

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    I did not know how hard it it would be. I did not purchase the ski in La Jolla but there is another one in Stevens Ranch by Santa Clarita I would be interested in if someone could help me out. Thanks.

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    i guess the auction did not work out this weekend. Hope someone comes through for you its really not a lot of work if you have the time and equipment. Good luck let me know what you need.

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    Thanks John hopefully I will be calling you for a pickup soon. Whether in Cali or elsewhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcar33 View Post
    Thanks John hopefully I will be calling you for a pickup soon. Whether in Cali or elsewhere.
    I have a ski for sale right up here in KC, less than 2 hrs from SW MO. Check out the link in my sig.

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    Awesome ski Mike, but way out of my price range. Need to pick up something with motor problems or around $2k. Thanks for the thought though. Why are all the good deals with bad motors always over 800 miles away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will keep looking.

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