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Thread: PWC magazines??

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    PWC magazines??

    Do you read any PWC magazines? If so, which? Whats the best of them?
    I order WaterCraft World because it was the first I noticed. And cause none of the magazines are sold here,I don't know should I continue ordering this one or order some other.
    or order all of them?

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    I like Personal Watercraft Illustrated and Ride magazine. Ride is available to those that join the AWA. (American Watercraft Association)

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    I like PWI as well.

    The magazines sure are not what they used to be.
    I have some that are almost 200 pages and have advertisements from a whole bunch of companies that are not around any more.

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    Joining the AWA is a good thing for any PWC enthusiast as they "defend your freedom to ride". Included in the membership is "Ride" magazine. Their website is WWW.AWAHQ.ORG or phone 800-913-AWA1 (2921). Think it costs $24 per year

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