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    Cool Fuel Challenge

    Ok guys, ive been researching this and have my own ideas on what to do, but i would like others to get involved with this and see what can be done.
    I am currently working on installing this kit on my 1300 efi of course.
    Its another old school tried and true racing mod that creates MO power, especially fighting the summer heat..
    Engineer the installation of a Cool Can in the fuel line from the gas tank to the fuel rail, then insulate the fuel rail with your choice of many different types of insulation material.. There are several types of insulative wraps with adhesive that can be bought in bulk and cut to fit literally any shape or size.
    Deciding which cool can to use, researching and engineering the installation of it where you will be able to access it to add the ice, and how and where you will install the drain tube for the water when the ice melts in the can are just a few of the challenges in this. But hey, thats the fun part right?
    This has been around forever in race cars, and it works, period. Cooling the fuel does the same thing as cooling the air, cool fuel = denser potion of air and fuel mix = MO power, and all it takes is a little creativity, and ice of course.. Wanna get it REALLY cold, hmmmmm, how about dry ice!!
    Something to think about because theres always more power hiding and waiting on those who are willing to find it...

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    Hey Ross,
    HAve you ever been to Hooters and drank a beer. Just put the ice in a little baggie and dump it right into the

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    Dry ice takes oxygen out of the air by producing CO2 (carbon dioxide gas). I tried it back in the early 90's on a 550sx. We lost power from the lower oxygen levels whick we confirmed after talking to PWC tech.

    This came from

    Do not store Dry Ice in unventilated rooms, cellars, autos or boat holds. The sublimated Carbon Dioxide gas will sink to low areas and replace oxygenated air.

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    Ok so dry ice isnt too practical, i must agree, i just threw that out there.. But if you did want to try it, all you would have to do is vent the cool can with a vent hose exiting outside the hull, similar too a gas tank vent...

    But hey, on my drive home from work tonite i figured out how to drain the cool can when the ice melts, its called a windshield washer pump....

    Ill have this together in a month or so, before the sweatbucket weather hits us here in the sunshine state and will do the same, simply post before and after results..

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    dry ice

    Dry ice will also explode if keep in a tight container and just the smallest jar happens....

    Trust me on is. I work with this stuff everyday....

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    Just an idea I had the other day! Insulate the hood and bucket area. Fill with ice like a cooler, throw some beers in there if you want. Then have tubes for each throttle body going to the bucket! Cold air!

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    Just replace the bucket with a frozen A-coil. It cools your entire house and removes humidity in the summer.

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    But hey, on my drive home from work tonite i figured out how to drain the cool can when the ice melts, its called a windshield washer pump....

    just open the drain and let it run into the hull. and then do whatever it is you do to get the water out. drainplugs!

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    Just install a transmission cooler into the front bucket and allow the fuel to run throught the cooler. Then pack the bucket full of ice. You could also weld some metal plates around the trans cooler, then install a couple of fittings, then plump some cold water hoses going to it. It would work like the water to air intercooler. Just a couple of ideas to thow out there. I'm really not sure if you will notice any differance, but it is worth a try.


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