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    2000 Kawasaki Ultra 150, Very bad engine vibration

    2000 Ultra 150, it has a very bad engine vibration above idle, location seems to rear of engine, just replaced the crankshaft with a rebuilt one, start and runs fine, all 3 spark plugs look the same, #2 piston and rings replaced still Std bore, NOTE Ski has not been in the water yet could the crankshaft phase be off??
    Things I already checked:

    Engine mounts are all good
    split the engine case and checked balance gears front and back are correct dots line up?
    Compression good all cylinders
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    Here are some thoughts:

    This must be the month for vibrating Ultras.

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    Thanks for the info, Rechecked balance gears front lined up but back balance gears dots not lined up with the front, does the front and rear balance gears dots need to be lined up together??? Hope this is it ????

    Called SBT Tech support and the
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