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    Lcd gauge repair. Need participants.

    I found a person that fixes Seadoo LCD Gauges, cracked, non working etc.
    I'm looking into getting mine fixed as well but mine still works for now.
    He can repair any gauge on the seadoos.

    However he mentioned he has not been able to get his hands on the newer black blackground style with the red numbers.
    the ones found on the newer RXPX, etc.

    Apparently this is somewhat of a common problem on the newer gauges, "cracking" mine cracked while the ski was beached at the river, due to the heat.

    His name is Randy, 407-790-5642 if you have a newer gauge that needs to be repaired he would like to try to fix them. He is willing to try to fix the newer style at little or no charge.
    Once they crack moisture gets in and the lcd display goes faded.

    It be best if you have an old one that you have already replaced.

    This will benefit all of us that the warranty ran out and once again this is not an obsolete problem..

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    I have a 2007rxp. All the sudden the LCD in the speed and tach, fault dash, hours displace, digits starting disappearing and reappearing, within an hour, cannot see the LCDs, all functions are working, and gas gauge and trim still visible ?

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    Man this needs to be a Sticky

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    Does anyone know if this guy still does gauge repair, and has any experience with him?

    I picked up a 07 GTX Ltd. yesterday and the gauges work but they are very dark. Almost as if there were a contrast setting that someone turned way up.

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    i have talked to him many times and he fixed a few of my customer's gages but only older style, only sun damaged, i gave him also a couple of these cld gages so he can try to fix em and the answer was: can't do it ! it was about a year and half ago,unless he now figured out how to do it, i am interested, i have about 8 to 10 of em, some with water damage, some still working but dark cld.
    His company name is Performance Design in Orlando FL

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    They are still doing the repairs ! Does anybody know how to remove the cluster from a 2015 GTX ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PowerGuy View Post
    Does anybody know how to remove the cluster from a 2015 GTX ?
    Do yourself a favor and get a factory service manual:

    Worth every penny.

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    Thanks ! Just got it

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    anybody who figures out exactly how to repair non working consoles is going to need help, and lots of it.

    I would assume that replacement IC's are simply not available as there is pretty big incentive to be able to repair those consoles and any company that repairs automobile consoles would jump right on that.

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