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    storage cover removal

    I had a used cover painted and now I want to install it. What is the best way to remove the cover? Should I remove the complete latch? Any info is greatly appreciated. Jim

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    What ski, RXP? top cover? If so, I removed the latch because it is riveted on the hood. I just drilled the rivets, pulled it apart and used rivets to install it to the new one. you could probably use small SS bolts and lock nuts instead of rivets.

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    Opps, I guess it would help if I mentioned which ski I'm talking about. It is a RXP. Thanks for the info. Getting the cover off the ski turned out to be the easy part, separating the top from the bottom is a different story. But I did get it apart and hope to get it back together in a day or so. Thanks again. Jim

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