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    Mudbug or Bust- Georgia Folks?

    Anyone from GA heading down? I am originally from Louisiana (Houma), just east of Morgan City. I am planning to head down and was curious if there were any GA folks heading down for the Mudbug?

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    I plan on attending. Where in Georgia are you from?

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    I live in Woodstock, about 25 miles north of Atlanta.

    We ride Lanier and Allatoona locally.

    My brother just moved back to Louisiana a few months ago, and had just bought a 06 15F as well. He is going to attend.


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    I'm from Rome and going very early Thursday. Gonna meet up with a friend that lived in Cartersville for years that's in New Iberia now.

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    Thats not far, what lake locally do you ride?

    We will probabley head down on the 6th.
    I called Lake End Park for Camp Spot, but they have a Huge Camper convention going on and all sites are booked every year at this time.

    Hopefully their will be cancelation and I can put one of my parents 5th wheels there for a few days.

    If not my Mother in Law and my brother also is only 30 minutes away.

    Either way I am going to make it happen.

    I am also thinking about ordering a RIVA RPM kit before I go down so I am not the slowest on the water.......

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    I live north of Atlanta and want to go but have to see what's going on at work that week before I know for sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by liner911 View Post
    Thats not far, what lake locally do you ride?
    I go to Weiss in Alabama most of the time, Allatoona occasionally. It's about the same distance from my house to each lake but my family has a house on Weiss and the water is flat. I plan to go to Allatoona the weekend before Memorial Day to the Freeride at Allatoona Landings, all the trick little stand-up dudes are having a charity fundraiser event that will last a long weekend.

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