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    I need someone!!! My cooling system......

    I'm losing RPM at WOT, Sometimes it falls as much as 600 rpm, Its worse when wave jumping and being in and out of the water constantly, I've seen it fall 1900 rpm doing that would only run 6200 rpm.... But shut it off and let it sit for a bit, and its back to normal running great till it gets warm again.... I think I have narrowed it down to a cooling problem. My ski only cools using the right heat exchanger, the left one is completely cold, I would think this to be an abnormality. I could be wrong I need someone with a fully operational spark to see if both sides get warm. Just go out in your garage start you spark let it run and see if both sides get warm, or next time at the lake stick your hand under it. If someone has a service manual to see a water routing diagram that would be great!

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    My coolant reservoir is always empty for some reason

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    There is only one heat exchanger. The other is just part of the hull

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    Bet you have the same problem I had on one of my sparks. I was loosing coolant and engine was overheating. There are 2 different length bolts bolting the water pump to the engine. factory had used a long bolt in a short hole so coolant was leaking around gasket.

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    Also check for blockage on the exhaust manifold side if this heats up can transfer heat to the block.
    give a good flush to check it out No temp error on display ?

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