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    boaters getting mad about jumping their wakes??

    I'm somewhat new to PCW, but the law says 100' from vessel and 200' from a skier (towable) rite... IV done most of my ridding at Rollins lake and since Folsom is closed to boats (low water level) Rollins lake been packed and some people were getting very mad about us jumping their wakes yesterday... Was I in the wrong??? (we were there ALL day)....

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    Nope 100 feet off any struction/vessel. They will always get upset but sometimes you get the people that will create bigger wakes for ya to

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    Last time I heard jumping a boats wake was illegal, it could get you in an accident really quick.

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    Iys techically not a boat wake after a certain distance though

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    too many accidents and browed shorts cause by miscalculations by the PWC driver.

    jumping wakes here is a heavily enforced violation.

    what the actual issues is involves what happens when the rider comes off the jetski after jumping a wake in a crowded channel..the jetski will continue on for some distance, often causing a really big problem.

    and when boats collide avoiding a riderless skis, best hope your liability policy is big and covers you doing really stupid stuff ( if you get cited for reckless operation, your policy may not cover damages)

    don't be an asshat, make a reasonable effort to obey boating regs or you'll contribute fuel for those who want jetskis off of "their lakes"

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    It pisses some off no doubt. Let them be and don't be a dick.

    If someone comes your way and wants to set you up with some wake go wild. But it is illegal to be jumping another vessel's wake (within 100')

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    Am I the only one that try to avoid boat wake?

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    There was a time I used to go after boat wakes to jump ... but now for some unknown reason I just prefer to advoid them ... I think with close course racing I get all the waves, wakes and closeness to other vessels I can stand.

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    Quote Originally Posted by STUNNA View Post
    Am I the only one that try to avoid boat wake?
    nope, i do the same as well

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