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    Paint, Powder Coat, or Ceramic Coat???

    I have an extra motor for my HX that I am going to build up as a backup to my SS in it now.
    I bought the whole short block (w/starter) for $50!!
    It was hydro-locked,
    so its all tore down now, i'm about to start sandblasting all the pieces, and a buddy of mine has a powder/ceramic coating business, so i'm debating which way I should go with it.

    IF I go with painting it, what kind of paint do you guys reccommend?

    And if I ceramic coat it, should I do the Factory Pipe as well??
    I think those are powder coated from FP.
    any help is appreciated.

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    I would recomend powdercoating. I have never done it to a jetski motor but I have done it on motorcycles and it has heald up great.

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    Man...powder coat it all if you have the resources!

    The only downside to powdercoating is this: The paint is also used as a sealer on engines, where the case halves meet, etc. This eliminates any corrosion from salt water. Any exposed aluminum will corrode. If you can powder coat and bake the engine complete without harming the seals then I would do it.

    Post us pics when it's through?

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    I was planning on doing it after the engine was totally disassembled, and blasted.
    Then coat and bake each piece.
    I thought about doing the whole motor after it was assembled, but I was worried it would toast the seals and such.
    This is probably a "next winter" project... unless I get some down time this summer, and I dont see that happening.
    I was just basically fishing for opinions, seeing as I have the resources, cosmetically, powder coat has a bunch of options, ceramic... it looks cool, but i'm looking for more of a mechanical advantage.
    soon as I do it, i'll post 'em up!

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    I have a set of 02 cylinders that I bought off a buddy John in Colorado. He had his entire motor powder coated. That thing looked sweet. I have the cylinders which are powder coated blue, looks sweet man. Mainly that my xpl is blue as well.
    I'd powder coat it individually and then put it back together. Maybe your buddy can paint a clear coat over the entire thing after its put together? Not sure how paint **** works so just throwing that out there to seal it up at the end.
    If you bake it around 150 to 200 degrees your seals should be fine, we did SuperMac's in my oven in my house, hahahaha. Maybe contact him and ask him about the powder coating.

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    as long as you don't get any coating around the bolt holes/mating surfaces you should be ok to toqure back together


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