I believe that when you die, only three things will go with you: the relationships you made, the knowledge you learned, and the experience you gained. For all the time we spend slaving over work, fretting over nonsense and yelling at bad drivers on your commute home, the things that truly matter are not things at all. Because, when the day comes where we meet our maker, it’s very unlikely that his first question will be, “So, tell me about your job,” after all.
The annual Long Beach-to-Catalina Offshore Championship (LB2CAT) – this year presented by Jettribe, Sea-Doo, Sea-Tow, Hot Products, Hydro-Turf, Oakley, Jet Re-Nu, Kawasaki, The Watercraft Journal, Pro Rider Magazine and PWCOffshore.com – is one of those experiences that will go with you throughout your life. Even if you only do it once, it’ll be something you’ll never forget. This year would mark my fourth bout with the 52-mile open ocean enduro, and possibly my most memorable.

The road to yesterday’s race – held on Sunday, July 20th – began six months earlier at Kawasaki’s 2014 model introduction in the Florida Keys.
As I raced Brand Manager Bret Snider across a field of emerald green sea, we were wowed as multi-world champion and Kawasaki product development guru Minuro Kanamori streaked past as if we were standing still. Bret and I had laughed that we would partner up for the LB2CAT, but I was the one who took it a bit more serious.

Although Bret had responsibilities that would keep him from participating, he made good on lending the use of a bone-stock 2014 Kawasaki Ultra 310R to use. Equally, he also provided me a riding partner, Kanamori. The two of us were entered in event promoter Ross Wallach‘s Manufacturer Stock class. Restricted to traction mats, seat covers and handlebar modifications, the pair of 310R’s required no such modifications and went to the water 100-percent showroom stock.

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