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    2004 STX-15F Speed Predictions

    I picked up a 2004 STX-15F in the spring with a bad engine. The engine is now in the ski and running. I should have it in the water in the next couple of weeks depending on the weather. I am curious what people think the top speed will be once the engine is broken in.

    It is a stock ski with an R&D ride plate, sealed and holes filled, Skat-Trak 13-19 swirl impellor and Iridium spark plugs.

    I wasn't able to get a baseline stock number.

    What do you think the top speed will be?

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    64 ish, I just got a 2006 left over, it runs 61.2 stock

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    The Iridium plugs will offer no gains, but they look nicer and come in a pretty box

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    add a few engine performance parts and 67ish is attainable. personal expeirence a 15f bolt on ski is good for 69 if you pay attention to details. i personally recorded this as an average on 2 gps's

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