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    looking for good 3 place trailer

    I am looking for a (STRONG & SOLID) marine trailer that can hold 2,060 lbs over the axel, and 562 lbs more towards the front. I would like it to be 18ft give or take. Anything longer than 18ft, I would need a swing tongue. I would like to be able to put adjustable bunks on to hold two 1,000lbs pwcs (about 12 ft long) full of fuel and a standup (365 full) (8ft long 29in wide) up front or in the middle. I would also like to be able to hold 5 gas cans totaling 157lbs and a spare tire at 20lbs. each of the 1,000 lbs jet skis is 4 feet wide, totaling 8 across, but would like to be able to climb between them for washing and detailing purposes. I have a gas rack that is 5ft by 21in I am fine with attaching it. Basically I am in the market for a sturdy trailer that I can use to travel to my pwc races as well as every weekend use. I want to be able to fit (max) two 3 seater (1000lbs) comfortably in back with a standup jet ski and gas cans in front. The max weight that would ever be on the trailer is 2,622 lbs. Again I am looking to purchase a trailer, do you have anything that would fit this description or hold the items in the manner I have mentioned? Please help me, thanks!!
    most that i can find that are in my price range are just under that weight capacity.

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    they have bad ass rims

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