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    thinking of new sport boat

    I currently have a 06 RXT. At the time of purchase it was just wife and I. Now our family has changed and we have adopted two children, a 7month old and a 2yr old. So now Im serisouly considering trading in the RXT for a either a 230 Challanger or a 205 Utopia. I have about 65hrs on the RXT, how much of a beating am I going to take on trading it in for a boat or should I wait another year?

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    I would sell it privately, this is the perfect time of year to doo it also, I sold my 99 GSX LTD in almost no time flat for the price I wanted. Just put it on different forums and craigslist. You most likely will still lose a little money depending on what you paid, but trading it in will probably cost even more, unless the tax break overcomes the difference in selling privately.

    I would call a dealer and ask them what they might pay for one in the condition yours is in, then check the nadaguides value to get an idea what you could sell it for privately.

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