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    First service

    Other than oil and possible oil filter change what does the first service consist of? Also how much should one expect to pay? I understand it is advised to have the first service done by an authorized kawasaki dealer for warranty purposes.

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    It is clearly defined in your Owner's Manual - under "Maintenance and Adjustments".

    Reference the Periodic Maintenance Chart:

    Oil and Filter change is not listed until 25 Hour Interval - but I would certainly change at your 10 hour interval.

    Hope this helps!!!

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    Yes I read that but was also wondering if other services were recommended or performed traditionally. Also still interested in the cost aspect.

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    Cost aspect is going to be different for each dealer and country

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    I paid $125. Dealer said they change oil, filter and check all hose etc.... to make sure everything is tight and what not.
    Had another dealer quote $200. All depends on shop.
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    I'm in south east fl. Was quoted 225 by one shop so far.

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