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    Clank Noises in New O7 FX HO


    Just got my new 07 FX Cruiser and have 6 hrs on it. Followed the break in procedure in the manual.

    When I idle the thing during flush out, I have a clanking noise coming from the rear area. I am used to such noise coming from my older Yamaha 2 strokes as the coupler between the engine and the intermediate shaft is knocked about by the fits and starts of the 2 stroke doing its thing (ie not running smoothly) My 4 stroke clank is not as bad as my 2 stroke, and seems to go away in the water, but was wondering of this clanking normal on the 4 strokes? I would have thought that since the engine was smoother that this noise would be elminated. (Maybe not since the prop is just freespinining with no load against it.)

    So, is there a bit of clanking on these new 4 strokes, too??

    Heck maybe the clanking is coming from something else. As close as I can localize it, the sound appears to be coming from the rear of the carb cover to the the bulkhead that holds the ignition/electronics box? Does the oil box have moving parts too?

    Also getting some kind of squeaking noise after running it a bit and then going to idle....not just a "purr purr" of the 4stroke motor. Almost like a belt pully is going bad...but there arent any belts.

    Any ideas?


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    It could be the steering nozzle. Alot of times when a ski is being ran on the trailer, the vibrations from sitting on the rigid trailer can cause things to vibrate that normally would not in the water. Just a thought.

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    Thats normal

    i have a 06 and it does that to all fx does it

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    My FX h/o does it all the time.

    Klangy, worries as I have 140 hours on mine.

    Great Ski...

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    Hey all ,,

    Thanks for the info.

    Does yours also have a whinning, whirring noise when running in the water. This is something heard above the putt putt/ purrrr )of the 4 stroke engine. I cant localize the noise. Maybe noise of a cog belt of some sort as the teeth come into engagement with an idler or other pulley ????

    Any of you that have been in the Army and heard the old 2-1/2 ton trucks (duece and a half may know what i am talking about. Remember how those things had a whine (almost like a light squealing) that could be easily heard over the regular diesel engine noises.


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