Well guys....it's been a while since I've been on but I've been running the old '88 WR500G and she's been doing great! Now I'm wanting to get my other $100 '88 WR500G going too. For some reason I can't seem to figure out, the non-runner has a drain plug at the rear and the running '88 does not have a drain plug at the rear. Well since I bought the runner first I assumed the other didn't have a drain plug also. After they had sat in the backyard all winter and spring I went out to get them ready for summer and found the non-runner to be filled with water halfway to the engine. That is when I found out it actually had a drain plug.

When I bought the non-runner it's issue was unknown. I bought it from a guy that buys/fixes/sells/races used jet skis as a side hobby. He had about 30 jet skis in his excavating shop stored on shelves and a couple guys were there installing a new engine in a late model ski, and another was pressure washing a ski they just sold. I got this '88 for $100 and he said he never fooled with it. It was up on the top shelf of a 4 tier rack.

Got it home and the ski cranked over real good with a hot battery and I got it to fire about 2 times over a 20 minute period with a little starter fluid. Now that the water was in the engine area, I let it drain and dry out and I hooked a hot battery to it a month later and now it doesn't turn over well. The starter drags slowly, even when a booster pack is applied it gets a little better but is still turning with hesitation.

MY QUESTION: What is wrong with the starter? I suspect it needing a starter rebuild now that water was in there. HOW DO YOU REMOVE THE STARTER (I can barely feel it with my hands, mustless put a wrench on it).