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    Saw a big ass shark while riding last weekend. I am fairly good with my shark id and it looked like a gray reef shark. I saw it twice and real close to my ski. The seas were 3 to 5 feet so I was going pretty slow and just messing around jumping some waves. I kept looking for it again but it was gone.

    I scuba dive a lot and I love seeing sharks and they dont scare me at all. But for some reason this one did. I had to take a piss and I normally just jump of the ski and pee but I held it in this time.

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    I think if I saw a shark while riding, holding my pee wouldn't be a problem. It would just come out on its own.......

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    Yeah think about us fools up north that can't see through the water. 400-800lb mako sharks are not uncommon. And we can't see more than maybe 3 feet down. I've seen stingrays or manta rays with 7 or 8 foot winspans and plenty of dolphins and huge tune. That stuff doesn't scare me either but when you see it out of the corner of your eye riding or if you fall off it scares the piss out of you.

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    I would be scared too, I wouldn't want to fall off.

    Here in Victoria Australia, Phillip Island is a popular spot for riding down south, and one side of the island is home to Seals. That area is greatly populated by sharks as they feed from the seals year round, this keeps the sharks in that area as around the other side of the island, and along the surd coast, no one ever sees sharks, the seal rocks wouldn't be more than 5miles away

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