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    1997 seadoo gsx no spark

    Hi there, just wondering if there is anyone out there who has been down this road.

    The ski lost spark about 2 months ago, and I found it to be the mpem (some pins had corroded so bad they broke of)
    So new mpem when it, dess key was coded, and away she goes.
    The other day it wouldn't start again, no spark.

    The test that have been performed so far:

    .Checked the magnetic pick up inside front cover visually and with a multi meter while cranking = good

    .Cranked engine over with no plugs with gauge set to rpm and I am seeing 600rpm, so I know the mpem is seeing revolution.

    .Trimmed the coil leads at the plug caps and the coil

    .Iv bench tested the coil and it is outputting spark

    .Voltage test on the white wire at the mpem plug and the coil end of the wire = not sure, it reads a voltage not cranking, then when I crank it drops the voltage, can someone shed some light on this test?

    .Voltage test across the battery while cranking = 11.3v (no plugs in)

    .All fuses checked and ok

    .Direct positive and earth wires have been run straight to the battery from the black box.

    Im running out of ideas, so is there anyone out there that could point me in a different direction? and how likely is it that the mpem has done the dirty on me?

    Thanks in advance

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    the mpem connector is likely damaged, the pins break off because of arcing and that will also damage the mpem connector. same issues on the 97 XP. take another hard look at the connector, the pins can be dinged and not make the kind of contact they need to trigger the coil.

    such a common issue that one of the big aftermarket companies now sells that mpem with a damaged connector tag on it ( must have all the pins fsor the connector attached by woire for a splice job from hell.

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    the only broken pin was the one that supplys power to the dash guages, that works fine now, and all the other conectors are good, double and tripple checked them

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