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    How to un-winterize

    What is the process for un-winterizing your ski?

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    Put a full charge in the battery, fill with fresh fuel and fire it up!

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    when u fire it up antifreeze will shoot out the back..still have that bald spot on my lawn because of that last year lol >> also make sure all the tubes and watnot r secured

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    you should already have a full tank of gas with fuel store in it, just start the ski and take it out....

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    depending on where and how you stored your ski, check around inside of hull for varmits and critters that may have had lunch in your ski.
    make a check list: check all clamps, hoses, wire connectors, look for obvious signs of leakage. sometimes over the storing period you will see antifreeze seeping from the hose connection at the ride plate bc of the wire hose clamps.
    you should change out all those wire type clamps for the screw/worm drive SS clamps even on the bailer tubes if you have them. I don`t know what model or year ski you have...PR...

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