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    Boat battery advise needed.

    I have just bought a brand new boat. It's a US built Rinker 232 with a 5.0 litre mpi 270 H.P Volvo Penta engine.
    In the Volvo US manual it says that I need 650 cold cranking amps.
    Over here in the Uk, all batteries are just labeled AH (Amp Hours), so they just say on thier label 85 ah, 110 ah etc.
    I can't find a chart or formula to convert my ah into cca. Is there a direct conversion, or can different brands, models etc give different outputs?
    The battery holder that came fitted to the new boat is quite small, and without cutting it, the only battery over here in the Uk that will fit is the 85ah one.
    It just 'seems' a little small.
    Anybody have any ideas?

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    is there a way to contact a battery manufacturer to help answer this?
    and what does the dealer say?
    or you could go online for that particular boat manufacture and look at the specs, maybe that could point you in some direction ...PR...

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    Cold cranking amps is the maximum amperage that can flow from that battery and is determined by the size and number of lead plates in the battery. The manufacturer should definatley have the info. An average battery for that boat is a group 30 and the average cranking amps would be 6 - 700 and some
    are 800. Basically, if the engine turns over easy, you have plenty of amperage and nothing to worry about because your starter is the heaviest load you'll ever put on the battery.

    Also, Amp hours are a rating for capacity, or how long the battery will last at a given draw. 85 amp hour rating means you can pull a solid 85 amp draw for one hour, or 42.5 amps for two hours, or 10 amps for 8 1/2 hours. Get the idea??? By the way, 85 isn't a very good rating...


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