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    does anyone rate stage 2 ?

    what speeds are likely to be seen off stage 2 ?

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    Well that all depends on what stage 2 package your talking about? Riva states 71-72 on there site. I didnt look up R&Ds, islands, ect. Also depends if its a 1200 or 1300.

    The biggest thing to remember though is not many of us on the forum just bolt on the stage 2 and call it good. There is alot of speed to be had just by changing some angles, modifiying a few parts, ect.

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    I'm assuming you are talking for your 2005 stock GPR. Personally, I'd do a few things different than the Riva Stage II.

    Send your stock head out to be milled (others here have better info than me as to who will do the best job). Don't get the Reed stuffer kit. Take the money you have just saved and buy some V-Force Reeds, a couple of different options to go with there. I have the Delta II's I got from Kerry, Fercho sells the III's for a bit more. Consider a ride plate modified by Jim or Island Racing, one comes across for sale on the board every once and a while for a reasonable price. Anyone else have any suggestions?
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