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    750 zxi to 1100 zxi swap

    I have a 1995 750 zxi with a blown motor. I also have a 1100 zxi with a cracked hull I am going to put the 1100 in the 750 I know I will need to change a lot of parts over. I want to know if the 1100s driveshaft and pump will bolt right up to the 750 hull I have seen mixed answers im going to start the swap tomorrow first taking the 1100n apart seeing. with the motor mounts I know they have to be moved farther forward. has any one successfully finished this swap before?

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    The 1100 pump is larger, but I don't know if the 750 ZXi hull is cut out large enough to hold it. That would be the first thing I'd take off and look at.

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    Update pulled both motors, shafts, and e boxes. Slid the 1100 shaft into place in the 750 and it went in the pump all the way like it was ment to be their. Next I put the Motor in place and marked holes to drill the motor mounts, drilled them out and found out that their are no holes glassed over from when they would have put a 1100 in from factory! just hollow and yellow foam! So tomorrow I will anchor the motor mounts and appoxy over and let sit all day and in the evening take a stab at getting all the wiring done and possibly get it started. I know I will need to change the pump to the 1100 or at least the prop from my 750 pump to a taller pitch but I will worry about that after the motor is in and running! after all it will not be in the water until this weekend so I have plenty of time

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