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    Superslick hull coating ?

    Anyone ever hear of or use this stuff? Supposed to significantly reduce hull drag on boats and pwc's . . . enough to notice a difference in performance. Marketing scam or easy few mph?

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    I would say scam. I have heard that a lot of the racers actualy lightly sand the bottom of the hulls, as to add a layer of air. having a slick bottom is sposed to not be as fast.

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    I wouldnt do it.... A slight rough surface creates air bubbles resulting the hull to float across the air bubbles. Smooth surface sucks to the water creating drag!

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    Send John Abbott a PM. I think I saw him use it last year at MBII.

    I think the outcome was 'don't use it'.

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    We use EZ-GLIDE (get yer minds out of the gutter lol) on the bottom of our race boats. It's a graphite spray on. I "feel" as if it gives a little more out of the top, but it could be just my mind. You can get it at most lawn/tractor stores.

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