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    My Ultra 250 was a big red target on the highway!

    Today was an interesting day! It took it off to relax, not have any stress and to go for the first ride on my 250. I was driving down highway which is down to 2 lanes because of construction (195 coming up to Goverment Center in Fall River, MA for the locals). I was in the right lane doing about 40-45 MPH. There is a lane that merges in on the right. The people coming in there are supposed to yeild to traffic on the highway. One car merged in front of the car that was in front of me. There was a second car driving up that section of road. I was going past her on the highway as she was getting to the end. Just after I went by I looked in the passenger's side mirror and saw that car skidding to the right and almost into the wall. I throught "hum... I guess she didn't see the skis behind the truck". But I didn't think much of it until the lady started chasing me. She was flashing her lights, blowing the horn and trying to get me to pull over. I figured she just wanted to complain because she didn't see me. I drove about a mile and then pulled over in an area that was save. I had my digital camera with me so I set it to record everything when I got out of the truck. When I got out she told me that I hit her (huh? ).

    At this point I didn't want to see the damage to the ski. Her car had a dent on the driver's side fender and the bumper was damaged. I looked at the ski. There was nothing... nothing at all. Not even a scratch. So she proceeds to tell me that the trailer jumped over into her lane and hit her and I explained that wasn't possible. I was in my lane, had the right of way and she was merging into the highway. If anything, she hit me. I recorded this conversation for about 5 minutes.

    The rest of the story in a nutshell, an office came, we each told our side of the story, he explained that I had the right of way (he had to tell her over and over). She got a warning and I left. Looking at the pictures, I can't see how the ski could have made contact with her car and there isn't even scuffed plastic.

    The story gets better... so after wasting 90 minutes with the accident I head to the boat ramp. I get there and see that there are no docks in the water (WTF!). After standing on the ramp stairing at the water for a minute I get back in the truck and head to another ramp about 15 minutes away. They had docks so I was able to leave from there.

    Temps were in the low 60s so it was a comfortable ride. I went about 31 miles and used 8.9 gallons. Did one WOT run that said 61 on the speedo. I would have used my GPS but the battery was dead. I kept getting a message that said "Battery Missing" even through it was there. Garmin is sending me a replacement. I think that should have told me how the rest of my day was going to be


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    You would have felt that for sure.When my 06' got tapped by a DHL van last season,i felt every bit of it.The height of the dent and the shape does look like it was possible.If you 2 were going the same speed, there is a chance that your ski just pushed the dent in without scuffing.Those body panels are thin.

    Ok,i just looked at the pic again, that fender is rolled.IMO,it would take a pretty good hit to cave it in.Im 100% sure you would have felt that.

    Whatever happened,noone was hurt and your ski has a clean bill of health.

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    was there any paint left on the silver car from your ski? red from the hull or black from the sponson?

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    That sucks. I wouldn't doubt some women driving a pos like that would lie and try to put the blame on you. I have drivers change into my lane behind my truck w/o looking for a trailer. You then see them swerve back into their lane

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    I have people doing this all the time to me as they are entering the highway! They just dont Fng look but what the hell Iam just a low life Fng truckdriver anyway

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    There is nothing on my ski. It's like nothing happened. I didn't want to say she was lieing but by the angle of the dent on her car, I should have had some damage on the ski. Plus, her bumper cover was ripped too. No way that happened if she did hit me.

    I tow a car hauler, boat and the jet skis. I don't care as much if someone hits the hauler but don't hi the boat or skis!

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    You need to push your speedometer down a bit so it reads better and is in the water more.

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