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    Smile Anyone Put 05 rxp motor in 02gtx ltd

    Im looking for some feedback Guys. I have A spare 05rxp 215sc Complete engine package. I just picked up a 02 gtx limited NON s/c with a busted motor. Would converting the gtx to accept the 05 rxp sc 215 require much alterations? what all would i need to use from the rxp? Thanks for any help you may give.

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    very easy conversion actually..

    you would need a new fuel pressure regulator on top of the gas tank
    you would need a new jet pump, because the GTX pump is plastic, the 215 motor really needs a metal pump... and at that point i would recommend you change the GTX driveshaft to an RXT driveshaft

    other than that, a majority of it will bolt on and go... you will run into a few nick naks with plugs and sensors, but that can be dealt with, they aren't HUGE setbacks, but u will need to cross that bridge eventually

    how "complete" is the 05 RXP engine package?

    do you have the wiring harness? the ECU? the intake manifold?

    if so, you're pretty well golden, real easy swap, just the fuel reg like i said, and the driveline and pump parts

    what is busted on the non-supercharged motor?

    one last question... where are you from?

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    There are some slight differences in the MPEM wiring, but nothing drastic.

    Do you have the complete '05 MPEM and wiring harness?... or,
    Are you going to install the complete '02 MPEM and wiring harness?

    Also, which gauge cluster are you going to use?.. the pre '04 gauges only read to 8000 rpm.

    PM me if you like... I am about to do a similar installation.


    Damn Steve... we were typing in stereo again

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    I have very part x 2 for the rxp but the gauges, I picked up two that where pushed under a dock and distroyed the tops but motors run great, The non s/c snaped the threads off the crank still runs only 100hrs on it.

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