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    Crate Engine Breakin?


    I am about to install a new crate engine assy to my SUV1200 (2stroke). Is there some breakin procedure that is necessary on these factory engine units. I know rebuilt engines need a break in but was unsure about those coming from the Yamaha factory.

    If so what is the breakin?


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    Whatever the owners manual says is probably the best for a brand new Yamaha motor. Do you still have the oil injection?

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    Thanks, You post made me go look it up. Now i have a suspiscion as to why my engines may be toasting themselves.

    RE the oil pump.... Yes, still have it on. I have thought long and hard about premix but am awaiting one more engine burn-up before I will be about to switch. Reason is that I travel 2-800 miles on a run. (No...not doing that. I am a curise rider and my wife says no way she will let me have a motorcycle, so this is my outlet!)

    As for the pumps, I replace them every 150 hrs or so and redo the oil lines if they get hard.

    Am picking up my new 4 stroke tommorrow, so I will have the hog and the runabout. Getting the 4 stroke for the engine reliability and the fuel mileage, which is much beter than the SUV.

    Sure wish Yamaha would make the SUV in the 4 stroke.

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