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    Gas tank removal...

    Hey I was wondering if anyone knows an easy way to bolt my gas tank back in. I have a 96 polaris slt 780 and there are four bolts holding it in but they are hard to get to because of the foam on the walls. I was not wanting to remove the foam.??? Any tips?

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    Only to say it's a bitch! I put puddy in the end of my socket and PRAY the bolt stays in place. Use a long extension that allows the use of a small ratchet (I use a palm ratchet). Take your time and DON'T cross thread any inserts.

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    Get them started like he said and I use an air ratchet. Makes life a lot eaiser!!!

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    crap, I was praying that there was an easier way!!!!Thanks for the help.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tommy33mac View Post
    crap, I was praying that there was an easier way!!!!
    There is, pay someone else to do it!

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