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    2008 Sea Doo GTX 215 with 85hrs, supercharger just rebuil- OIL ALARM-limp mode only

    PLEASE HELP !....2008 Sea Doo GTX 215 with 85hrs....just had Jerry rebuild the supercharger..maiden voyage and oil alarm and beeping withing 15 minutes of initial test run......Engine oil levels slightly past full.... (dealer said this would not cause alarm to go off)...limp mode only...engine seems extremely HOT for only running 15 wants to have ski brought back in to plug in.... ( currently losing faith in dealer as last few years it has had some issue or another its first time out for the season after sitting winterized etc ) ...please help !!..thanks in advance !....... ( it did run good the first 13 minutes with no apparent issues from supercharger... )

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    If the engine was overheating the temp switch would have triggered a code also. From what ive read engine oil level it crucial.

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    I have heard and agree that engine oil level is important to be in operating stated it would not set off "oil alarm" code if overfilled...and overheating temp sensor did not go off..just oil alarm sensor/beeping..

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    Bad oil pressure sensor. They're know to go bad.

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    Very true..... but also verify that the oil pressure is within specs!

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