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Thread: Water Box??

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    Water Box??

    I want to have my stock waterbox modded for my 06 rxp and dont think I have anybody here in the Dallas area to weld it back together. If I recall correctly there was a board member that would take a stock waterbox and mod it and also shorten it and then send it back. Can somebody provice me with his contact info and pricing so i can send him my waterbox and have it done.

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    Mark Underwood At Rotax Racing. Jerry will chime in with how to contact him soon.

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    Just curious. What benefit do you get when you modify the waterbox

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    it's louder and when you shorten it youdon't need to take the waterbox out to remove the sc'er anymore (rxp). supposedly it increases HP, but I don't think that was ever substantiated.

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    Thats cool i was just curious, im installing the through hull exhaust now and didnt know if i would benefit more from this mod.

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    The main benifit is to remove the sc. Believe me , this is a good thang.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HOSS View Post
    The main benifit is to remove the sc. Believe me , this is a good thang.
    Yeah that would of came in handy before i took my sc out, maybe ill do this soon.

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