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    2007 Seadoo Gtx Ltd Dies

    I was riding my 2007 Seadoo Gtx Ltd and was 45 mph and it died. The dashboard turned off as if the landyard was pulled. Put the key back on nothing. Tried other keys still no display or beeps. Checked fuses and cable connections nothing. Then 10 minutes later tried key and it worked. Got it back to shore and took home to check it out. Battery fully charged and tested. It was cranking and running fine at idle in driveway. I changed oil and ran for 30 seconds and it dies again and dashboard turns off. I took landyard off and then back on it displays sensor and It will crank then it ran for 20 seconds dies again then removing the landyard and puting it back on and it wont start or show display. Anyone have any ideas what this could be?

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    did it display a PO code ?

    Could be a bad dess post....

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    Quote Originally Posted by psycho rxp View Post
    did it display a PO code ?

    Could be a bad dess post....
    No code The display turned off when the engine died and stayed off until I disconnected and reconnected landyard. But sometimes the dashboard won't come on. It's very random. Right now it's working. So problem is definitely intermittent. I had to tow it back to shore to work on it. Checked battery cables, fuses. I just replaced starter relay. This was the first ride of the season. I charged battery while it was connected to the ski. I trickle charged it. Is this bad should I disconnect to charge to eliminate possible frying the ecu?

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