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    04-GTX overheating alarm at WOT

    I am looking for troubleshooting advice. I searched here the best I could, but no go.

    I recently removed/refitted both my 03 and 04 GTX super chargers (rebuilt - thanks Jerry). On the 2004 it seems to consistently throw the overheat alarm and limp mode at wide open throttle only. The very second I back off, it goes right back to normal like nothing happened. I can run steady at just below WOT without any alarm.

    Clue ? :: When I take the back seat off, I can see some "spray" on the hoses etc, but don't know where it coming from. Its water, not coolant. I ran it for 2 hours steady yesterday on a river ride, and when I got it back on the trailer, there was really no water inside, or coming out the plugs, but it is damp in there.

    1. Could it be cavitating on exhaust cooling ? Where is the intake for fresh water?

    2. Does water actually run through the exhaust or around it in a jacket ? I remember seeing the egt probe when I took it apart and cant imagine that water runs in there.

    3. Is there a filter somewhere that could be restricted ?

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    you might have a water line that cools the exhaust a little "plugged" up

    just throwing it out there..

    someone with more experience will chime in..

    1. in the jet pump.. there is a plastic (on my ski) screw in fitting..
    2. YES!
    3. unless you put one in generally no but the plug that screws into the pump has small holes in it and can get plugged up

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    Where is your j pipe sitting in the water box ? The coupler might be blocking the pissers causing a hi temp Double check the clamps and coupler position on the j pipe to water box . Also check hose clamps on the water return on the bottom of the j pipe. If it's a mist I could either be a clamp that has torn a hose or an over heated worn hose leaking under pressure but I'm pretty sure it's the hose and j pipe issue into the box. I just replaced mine being an 05 because it was worn and very flimsy and has gotten hot I didn't trust it. Let us know

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    Thanks for advice on checking the j pipe connection to the water box. I was just gearing up to pull it off, when I noticed that the lower clamp on the water box side was lose. I must have only hand tightened it when I put it back together. I pushed the j pipe into the water box until it seems to hit a hard stop. Is that right or wrong?

    I tightened the clamp and will run it this week to see if that fixes it. I would imagine that the lose connection is where my spray was coming from (hope so).

    That thing must not be under too much pressure, or surely it have blown off that hose between the j pipe and the water box ??
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    Ran the boats last night. No overheat. Thanks for the advice.

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